Complete SEO Dictionary - A to Z Glossary of Essential SEO Terms

A to Z Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Terms

A to Z Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Terms

200 – Status OK

The file request was successful

This response indicates that a file or an image is loaded successfully without any error. Even though some of CMS(Content Management Systems) gives the response code of 200 if the image is not loaded. If any image or any file is not loaded or missing it should show 404 error code.

301 – Moved Permanently

301 is used to redirect any URL to some other URL permanently. Redirecting any URL permanently or completely symbolizes that all the value is passed to the new URL.


If some URL is redirected to with 301 redirects, then the value which was with will be passed completely to

302 – Moved Temporarily

302 redirection is used to redirect any URL to other URL temporarily. Temporary redirection basically redirects you to new URL, but the value of original URL remains with old URL only. No value of its own is passed to redirected URL.

When to use 302 redirections? If you want to make some changes in an URL you redirect it to other URL for a short time period i.e., temporarily. At the time you complete with your changes you remove 302 redirections to again targeting the old URL

Note-Take proper care while making any redirection.

404 – Not Found

-The server was unable to locate the URL

This response code is displayed if the file is not loaded or does not exist on your website. If you request for such an URL that never existed or created, 404 error code will display. A very good example of this is broken links.


Above the Fold

Above the fold is the area or portion of your website that appears in front of any user, as your website loads for the first time. The screen from the top bar, without scrolling. As the website or any inner URL loads in a browser, what you can see without scrolling down is Above the Fold.

Absolute Link

A complete URL or address to a path is known as Absolute Link. Sometimes some other developers do not indicate the full path, because of some canonical issues.


<a href=””> – Absolute Link

<a href=”……/blog/seo-guide”> – Relative Link


Google Advertisement and link auction network. Here you can target the audience with money paid to Google in form of CPC-Cost Per Click. You target a keyword with a landing page URL where you want your audience to land or visit. A cost for that keyword is bided by others advertisers. CPC reduces the amount on per click on Advertisement you made for that keyword. It’s a big game, directly with money.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website where you write reviews or provide information about “Shoes”. I have a web site which sells online shoes. I would ask you to put an ad on your website post so that your traffic audience would move to my website for buying shoes online. Here you are doing Affiliate marketing for me, and I am asking for affiliate link from your Website.


Algorithms are basically a set of rules which decide rankings of URLs for a particular keyword or user query. These algorithms are made of different factors. Rules and factors as quality backlinks, unique backlink are set in an algorithm of Google. If I am a search Engine, and I have a set of rules of having 5 backlinks and 2000 word count content on every URL, you need to pass these set of rules to get rank in my search engine.

Note – Google Algorithms change approx. 2 times a Day. Difficult to understand…!!

Alt Text

Alt stands for Alternate. All the thing have some alternatives. Like we can use a glass instead of a bottle for water drinking if there is no glass available. In the same way, we use alt text that is the alternative text for images. In case if an image is not loaded due to some issue or error, an alternative text for that image is displayed to tell user, what the image was for


<img src=”” alt=”Logo of”>


Google Analytics is a famous program which analyses and gathers your website’s data all related to traffic and users that come to your website. All data means all data.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is a text which is made a hyperlink. A clickable text with a link heading to other address is called Anchor text

Example :

<a href=””> Everything About SEO </a>

Here “Everything About SEO” is an anchor text, which takes you to my Homepage.


Authority is basically value you have. How much trust are you for others?Authority is gained by so many dependent factors like as good quality backlinks, quality and unique content, less page load speed time, huge traffic and much more.

It includes DA (Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) coined by Moz Community

  • DA– for your main domain
  • PA– for each page



What is Backlink? As the name indicates – Back – link, a link or points back to your website. If your link of homepage let’s suppose is anywhere other than you homepage itself it is a backlink. It simply indicates that a LINK from which you can get BACK to your Website or any user can.

Types of Backlinks:

  • Nofollow
  • Dofollow

Black Hat

Any practice done in SEO to counter concepts of Google is Black hats. Concepts used to fool Google to gain instant ranking are under Black Hats.


Microsoft’s Search Engine which we most of the time forget to consider. It also powers the organic search results on Yahoo! Search


A blog is a website which provides content for the user to read or get information. Blog is any address or link where some content is published by Blog owner for reader online. A blog is written all on owner perspective. It can be on any of Content Management Systems like WordPress or Blogger.

Some of the Blogging Websites are mentioned below:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Medium


Bookmarks are saved URLs or links somewhere to read them later. Any URL or link you think is a good piece of information but just because of lack of time you can’t read, you bookmark it for further study.

Some famous websites for Bookmarking are mentioned below:

  • – Yahoo! owned social bookmarking site
  • Yahoo! MyWeb – similar to, but more integrated into Yahoo!
  • Google Notebook – allows you to note documents
  • Slashdot – tech news site where stories are approved by central editors
  • Digg – decentralized news site
  • Netscape – Digg clone
  • Google Video – Google’s video hosting, tagging, and search site
  • YouTube – popular decentralized video site


Bots are crawlers, spiders or software which run online and index your website pages for content and information you are posting. Bots come to your link-crawl all the navigation and download your information in their database, to show it in SEP – Search Engine Result Page when any query or keyword is searched related to your content.

Bounce Rate

Percentage of users or people that visit your website on any particular link, and leave your website without visiting some other pages. They bounce out from your landing page.

Bread Crumbs

A way to represent Web site navigation in a horizontal bar above the main content. It helps the user to understand where he is standing right now in your website, or where they are on the site and how to get back to the root areas.


Canonical Issues

Cannonical stands for duplicate content. We need to understand that, a domain can be loaded on several URLs. For example is a URL , and is another URL for Google, but my website is same for both the addresses. For google each URL is a different website. Therefore here both the URLs are a copy of each other. That is 2 same website with same content are loaded on two different URLs = duplicate content. Therefore we need to notify the search engine both are same.

for this we use canonical tags and 301 redirection (mentioned above)


Under this we try to fool Search Engines by delivering different content for both the Search Engine and user. Search Engine get different content for indexing where user appearing on the same URL sees different Content.


Link building technique in SEO, for creating backlinks wee comment on other’s blog to get a link from that blog. Mostly blogs have commenting option with profile below the blog post.


The achievement of set goals anywhere. On our website we always have a goal that we need gets completed. For example if you set a goal to have subscriber, is someone visits your website and subscribes you, goal is complete. Conversion is done as goal is completed.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is simply the percentage of visitors that completed the goal in comparison to total visitors.


A term famous in Google AdWords. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It is amount set for a keyword that need to be paid if a visitor clicks on the ad set for the particular keyword.

For example if i make an ad for “Anchor Text” for my Blog. If CPC for Anchor Text is ” X ” amount. ” X ” amount will be deducted as a user clicks on your ad after searching Anchor Text.


Crawlers or bots or spiders are softwares by search engine which crawl your webpage whenever updated, to store your web page’s information in their data base. This indexed data by these crawlers is then displayed in SERP by Search Engine for users



An online book consisting number of pages. These pages include details of websites that exist online. Same like as Phone directory, it is a Website Directory. You can submit your website in all these such directories.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is replaced version of Page Rank that was given by Google. Now Domain Authority is introduced by Moz Community on the basis of several factors. Scores are given in between 0 to 100. This implies to Domain by overall score gained by Pages with their Page Authorities (PA). Major factors for DA are – link profile, number of links, social media mentions, domain age, brand search volume, etc.


A webpage designed to only get traffic. This page is designed as per the requirement of user, completely User friendly. This page is been redirected from some other page. Through the process of Cloaking a page is shown to Search Engine and other page is shown to user.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is copied content. Once a content is uploaded on internet, and it get indexed. Indexed content means it been known to Google or other Search Engines. Now if you copy the same content and upload it again, search engine find it to be copied, as it gets to know that this content has been uploaded before.


E-Commerce Website

An online store to buy any product. It can be directly for customers, or even business to business. B to B or B to C.



A piece of content or information delivered directly to user online via some subscription or news aggregator programs.


FFA stand for Free for All, it is a piece of content that is unique and free for all to have link from it. Link is gained by commenting on that post. Post can be article, image or anything. It’s open for all to comment or add suggestion with a link. These are mostly ignored and spammed by Search Engines.


A HTML tag <frame> used to show mini screens on a page. These frames are mostly used to show documents on a page. Two documents can be shown in a single page using Frames. Frame tags are non-accessible to search engines. Sometimes user get frustrated to see two documents that not shown completely.



It is somewhat similar to Doorway(explained above). We create to piece of content separately for user as well as search engines.

Google Bomb

Google bomb is actually a bomb for Google. Here what happens is, you selling online shoes get ranked for selling online shirts. Yes it’s like that, getting ranked for a query not related. For example – By January 2007, however, Google tweaked its search algorithm to counter popular Google bombs such as “miserable failure” leading to George W. Bush and Michael Moore; now, search results list pages about the Google bomb itself.

Google Bowling

Doing something maliciously to make your competitor’s website go down. Trying to attach your competitor’s website to some bad neighborhood.

Google Dance

At random changes in ranking in SERP. Changes or updates in Ranking of URLs in SERP. I also happens at that period of time, when Google Index Update takes place, with different data centers having different data.

Google Bot

Google’s crawler or spider which visits your URL to crawl it to store the data in its Directory or Database. This crawled data is only displayed when user searches for a query.



A hit happens each time that a server sends an object – documents, graphics, include files, etc. A single page view can create number of hits.


A trusted page with best quality content. This page gets number of quality links from others. Also referring to several links outside the page to provide sources.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is markup language for adding values to plain text on web page. To create any page with content, images, navigation, etc HTML is initial markup language used for such Web Development.



An event in which a user vies a webpage one time. An impression is added as user views any webpage next time again.

In Bound Link

A link coming to your web page from other website. Link coming inside to your website

Link Coming IN is Inbound Link

Index (as a Noun)

A database or a place where Search Engine keep the fetched data from Internet. Your websites content is indexed and submitted in Database

Index (as a Verb)

Indexing is process saving the website content in Google or any other Search Engine’s database.

Indexed Pages

Indexed Pages are the URLs or links which get indexed in Search Engine’s Database. Once a URL gets indexed, it’s content gets saved in Database.



Keyword is a term or phrase or any query for which a user is searching an answer. When a user wants some result r any answer for any term, it is searched in Search Engines. These queries, questions or phrases are called to be keywords

Keyword Cannibalization

Inserting same keywords too many times that too in different pages heads to Keyword Cannibalization. Doing this confuses Search Engines to know which page is relevant for this keyword to be displayed in SERPs

Keyword Density

The number of keywords on Page. Percentage of keywords in total webpage. If your keyword is shoes, and it is 10 times in 1000 words of content on whole page, keyword density is

Keyword Density = (10 / 1000) * 100 = 1%

Keyword Research

Auditing a research for keywords, to collect valuable keywords that are relevant to your business is Keyword Research. Key Research helps you find out most business generating keywords.

Keyword Stuffing

Inserting too many keywords in a Page inappropriately. This can result in spamming the page or cause a penalty by Search Engine.


Landing Page

Landing Page is the page where a user visits or lands by clicking any link.


Latent Semantic Indexing is the concept of using keywords similar to targeted keywords. LSI implies that if user is searching for shoes, then every keywords that symbolizes the shoe, is its LSI keyword.


A clickable element which allows user to land on other Page by clicking on clickable element. It may be any hypertext, anchor text, or any image.

Link Bait

A webpage content of such high quality that it attracts links from outside, especially from social media traffic.


Internet users who are expert in creating backlinks at huge amount using Link Bait. They do forum postings, bloggers, resource maintainers, etc.

Link Exchange

Many of the websites exchange backlinks with each other. If you want a link from a website. It’s a reciprocal link exchange.

Link Farm

Link Farm is a place where Link exchange can be done. A platform or website where all exchange their links with each other.

Link Juice

Every Link has a value, authority, backlinks, Page Authority, summarizing all these terms makes a juice of link.

Link Text (Anchor Text)

Text that is linked with a URL. By clicking on this link you are redirected to Landing Page targeted on the Text. Text on which Hyperlink is made also called as Hypertext.

Long Tail

Long tail keywords are targeted keyword with some extra words or prefixes and suffixes. Long tail keywords are targeted to understand the User Intent. For Example, keyword is buy shoes, long tail keywords for this can be – Buy shoes online, buy sports shoe online, buy shoes website.



Mashup is a web page where all gadgets or widgets are collected. Useful for users to get all important gadgets or tools in one place.


Mata tags are HTML attributes used to set title and description of a page for search engine to be displayed in SERP. Meta Title is title of 65 characters for a page which describes, what a user is to get inside the page. Meta Description is expanded of Meta Title of 150 characters. Meta Description is expanded version of Meta Title and summarized version of Page Content.l


MFA stands for Made for Advertisements. These are such websites designed developed mainly for advertisements. Some times its bad too have a plenty of advertisements. Sometimes its good to have relevant and limited advertisements by which user don’t get frustrated with so many ads on website.

Mirror Site

Copy site. A site same as other website but on other address. You must have seen any of the websites of same theme. They are copied websites or mirror sites. Example directory websites, bookmarking websites, etc.


Monetize is a good option for those who want to earn money from ads on their website. You can monetize your posts for ads, through Google Adsense account to earn money with the help of those ads.


Natural Search Results

In search engines results displayed are of various type. Major types are paid and un-paid. Natural Search Results are un-paid non-sponsored results appearing in Search Engine Result Page


Nofollow is a set of command to a page or can be for a link. It prevents to follow the page or link for which it is applicable. If a head of page is set for nofollow, it will not be followed by Search Engines. If a link is set to be nofollow, link is not followed with its link juice.


A command of set rules which implement on any page to prevent the page form Search Engines index. If a page is on noindex it will never be known to Search Engine and will never appear in Search Results. If you don’t want some of your files to get indexed by Search Engine, you can set them for Noindex

Non Reciprocal Link

If there are two sites A and B. If both site are linking gto each other, it is Reciprocal Link, as discussed above. Now if A site links to B, but site B does not links to Site A , it comes under non-reciprocal link.


Organic Link

organic links are those that are published only because the webmaster considers them to add value for users.

Outlink (Out bound Link)

These are the links that go out of your website. If you have showed some source to other website, you give an outbound link to that website. For example you facebook page linked in footer. You linked to facebbok from your website. It’s an outbound link.


Pagerank (PR)

Previous concept of Google to give websites a score based on their quality, relevancy, and value. The scores were between 0 – 10. Nowadays these score are replaced by DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) as well.

Page Authority (PA)

Page authority is same as Domain Authority, but this is set value for a particular Page or URLs. Page values can differ from Page to Page as per their performance, quality and values. Unlike Domain Authority, as DA is for Domain it can’t change for inner URLs, but Page can be different.


A web service which offers a wide array of features to entice users to make the portal their “home page” on the web. IGoogle, Yahoo, and MSN are portals.


(Pay Per Action ) Very similar to Pay Per Click except publishers only get paid when click throughs result in conversions. It’s a goal converting process. Its money is paid only when a goal is completed. Goal is set in such way, that the whole process should complete. If the total process is completed money need to be paid.


(Pay Per Click) An advertisement scheme, where a website owner can show their textual ads for their services by paying amount to ad agencies like Google for single Click. One click has some bid amount as per the demand, per click cost is payable to ad agency by website owner if someone clicks on ad.


Reciprocal link

Two sites which link to each other. Search engines usually don’t see these as high value links, because of the reciprocal and potentially incestuous nature.


A method used to make user land to some other page than what he is able to see. Changing the path of address on loading. Diverging the path of URL. For Example, if is redirected to, then if you will open you will land on is redirected to


A text file on root domain, with set of rules and commands for Search Engines. Anything you want to hide form Search Engine, you can set them in robots.txt file. Noindex, Nofollow, crawl delay, etc all these commands are used in robots.txt file.


All the efforts applied on any business is to gain money form that business, lots of investments are done to run the business, after the business starts, we calculate for the profits we are getting from those investment, the return on those Investments, that is ROI (Return on Investment).



There has been debate and speculation that Google puts all new sites into a “sandbox,” preventing them from ranking well for anything until a set period of time has passed. The existence or exact behavior of the sandbox is not universally accepted among SEOs.

SE (Search Engine)

search engine (SE) a program, which searches a document or group of documents for relevant matches of a users keyword phrase or query and returns a list of the most relevant matches. Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo search the entire internet for relevant matches.

Search Engine Spam

Pages created in such a manner that they appear to be most relevant but they are not in real. Most of SEOs do these unethical activities to fool Search Engine. In these cases uch websites and SEOs when caught are considered to be spammers.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Every possible activity or procedure followed to get good ranking in Search Engines and get maximum exposure in Search Engines. Getting more exposure in Search Engine will head to more traffic and thus more business. It includes Search Engine Optimization, Paid listings, and all other search engine related activities.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your website as per the rules and regulations of Search Engine. You want your website to get ranked in Search Engine, then you need to optimize your website in same manner in what Search Engine wants. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that users will visit the site. It is common practice for Internet users to not click past the first few pages of search results. SEO helps you make your website Search Engine feasible, and ranks well in Search Engine as Google.


Search Engine Results Page. It is the page of searvch engine which appears after a keyword or query is searched. Those ten results appearing while searching something in Google on first page is SERP

Site Map

A set of URLs of your website that gather at one place. They improve websites usability by clearing the data and structure of website’s links. XML sitemap is kept in root directory, which helps Search Engines’ spider or crawlers to find all site pages.


SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. Website or brand promotion is done through several Social Media Platforms like as Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Sock Puppet

an online identity used to either hide a persons real identity or to establish multiple user profiles.

Social Bookmark

A form of Social Media where users bookmarks are aggregated for public access. Users bookmark the URLs for other users find them helpful for their needs, and can gather information.

Social Media

Various online technologies used by people to share information and perspectives. Blogs, wikis, forums, social bookmarking, user reviews and rating sites (digg, reddit) are all examples of Social Media.


A person who uses spam to pursue a goal. A spammer implies every other suspicious activity to get ranked in Search Engine.

Spider Trap

An endless loop of automatically generated links which can “trap” a spider program. Sometimes intentionally used to prevent automated scraping or e-mail address harvesting.

Splash Page

Often animated, graphics pages without significant textual content. Splash pages are intended to look flashy to humans, but without attention to SEO may look like dead ends to search engine spiders, which can only navigate through text links. Poorly executed splash pages may be bad for SEO and often a pain in the ass for users.


Spam Blog which usually contains little if any value to humans, and is often machine generated or made up of scraped content.

Static Page

A web page without dynamic content or variables such as session IDs in the URL. Static pages are good for SEO work in that they are friendly to search engine spiders. Static Pages don’t change their values on their pages. They make very less changes in pages.


Text Link

A plain HTML link that does not involve graphic or special code such as flash or java script.

Time on Page

the total amount of time that a use spends before going back from the page. More time spand on page shows an indication relevancy  to user.



URL stands form Uniform Resource Locator. It is web address for a page. Path of any page that is on internet and accessible to all users online


UGC stands for User Generated Content. These are website which allows user to post their content. Social Media sites facebook, twitter, etc as well as wikis, forums and some blogs are user generated content.


Walled Garden

A group of pages which link to each other, but are not linked to by any other pages. A walled garden can still be indexed if it is included in a sitemap, but it will probably have very low value.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is characterized by websites, which encourage user interaction. These are mostly UGC websites which allows user to write and publish their own unique and qualitative content.

White Hat

The best possible activities and practices for Search Engine Optimization. It does not include spamming activities or suspicious activities. Long lasting Search Engine Optimization. These techniques follow proper guideline and regulations of Search Engines

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