Anchor Text Optimization in SEO : What is Anchor Text and Types of Anchor Text in SEO

What are Anchor Text? Types of Anchor Texts

What are Anchor Text? Types of Anchor Texts

You would agree if I say

“Anchor text in SEO is very important to know, for getting quality back-links, heading towards better rankings”

So let’s start with basics, but important to be known for SEO.

What is Anchor Text in SEO?

Any text which is clickable to move to some other address or path is Anchor Text. Anchor text includes a link to be targeted and text (set of words) which tells about the link it is heading to. User gets to know that by clicking on “Everything About SEO” he will be redirecting to such a page which will be providing information about SEO.

How to create Clickable Anchor Text?

It is very easy to add a link to text if you are using any Content Management System(CMS). Select the content or words and add a link by link option.

If you’re are a coding buddy use this:

<a href=””>Everything About SEO</a>. It’s Done. So Simple..!

Result: Everything About SEO

What is the importance of Anchor Text in SEO?

Anchor text will be important till the backlinks will be important. We all need backlinks for better rankings, that to good quality backlinks, and for that, we need to make anchor text, that too quality, and correct anchor text.

Now, it is one of the best ways for Google to penalize spam and over-optimization.

Are you doing something wrong with Anchor Text?

Don’t worry in this post explain everything about Anchor Texts.

Anchor Texts Before Penguin Update

Before penguin update in 2012, making anchor text and getting backlinks was like taking candy from a child’s hand. Create exact match anchor text, and get better rankings.

You could use 100% exact match anchors for all of your backlinks and you would rank.

Now Google needed to make a change and update these trends to prevent spamming and misusing anchor text concept. This update or change was Penguin Update in 2012

Anchor Text After Penguin Update

The first Update focused on backlinks changed history and game of backlinking.

Penguin targeted the website that created backlinks 100% for exact match keywords, or all the backlinks were for same anchor text.

How do they get to know about artificial or spam links?


Why?? Because a normal website cannot all its backlinks on same anchor text.

** Have you ever thought How penguin come to know that you are making exact match? As google algorithms are machine codes that run behind, and there is no human sitting there to see your exact matches.

Don’t Know ??? Let me explain how Google Penguin works

  1. You build a backlink
  2. Google indexes the backlink
  3. Google places this new backlink into its database for your specific website, also known as your “link profile”
  4. Steps 1-3 are repeated over-and-over, and now you have a “link profile” that the algorithm can analyze

After these steps come the real magic:

The algorithm compares your backlink data and your On-Page optimization. Now it comes to know that anchor text you are creating is flooded in Meta Title, Meta Description, Headings and lastly the Content. All clear now, Penguin understands very clearly how eager you are to rank for this anchor text.

“Exact match anchor text + keyword-rich optimization = Penguin penalty”

If you yourself can do this, will Google not be able to understand

“You Optimize for Search Engine, Search Engine never optimize them for you”

Now the question is if not to make exact match anchor text, then what options left to create quality backlinks?

For this types of Anchor Text were introduced. I am now going to explain you about 10 different types of Anchor Text

Types of Anchor Texts used in SEO

Below mentioned are the type of Anchor texts you can create. Create anchor text in different styles and types for better quality link profile and best ranking results in SERP

Branded Anchors

Any anchor text that uses brand name in its text is called Brand Name Anchor Text


If you want to learn everything about SEO you need to consult Search Engine Guruji

Branded anchor text links are safest links and anchor text.

Generic Anchors

You must have heard of CTA – Call to action

Yes, Call to actions is called Generic Anchors which point somewhere with text to visit somewhere else.

  • click here
  • go here
  • check this site out
  • read more

Sentence – Click here to know everything about SEO

Naked Link Anchors

Naked link Anchors as the name indicates naked links i.e., without any anchor text to display, direct links. Any anchor that use a raw URL is considered a “naked” link.


No Anchor Trick

It’s a thing most of the brands are using.

Without using any anchor text. Might be using images for linking or leaving blank with no anchor texts.

The easiest way to building “noText” anchors is through images or you can simply “forget” to include an anchor within an article, which will have a similar effect.

Image Anchors

Targeting links in images, uploading images with a custom URL linked it, If a user clicks on any image, he will be directed to targeted URL.

Now as you put a link in the image, where will be the anchor text for this URL?

ALT tags used for images are anchor text for them. If you don’t use any alt tags, link will come under No Anchor Trick category, mentioned above

Brand + Keyword Anchor

In this type, you are going to simply combine the brand name and targeted keyword. It is another very good and safe practice for creating anchor text for creating good link profile.


I am going to use “Search Engine Guruji” as a brand name and “HTML tags in SEO” as a keyword

LSI Anchors

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

Latent – something which exists but does not appear

Semantic – Similar or related

Indexing – downloading pages in Google database

It simply talks about variations of your main keyword. As “help” is similar to “support”, “assistance”, “guide”, etc.

If I am targeting “social bookmarking” as the main keyword, LSI keywords will be like as:

  • Define Social Bookmarking
  • What is social bookmarking
  • Social bookmarking in detail
How to make LSI keywords?

You can create LSI keywords very easily by using Google Suggestions, Related Searches, Keyword Planner Tool

Partial-Match Anchors

Partial Match Anchors is quite similar to LSI anchor text. The difference between both are here in Partial Match anchor text, you yourself are creating partial matching keywords and anchor texts instead of using any tool as in LSI Anchor Text

  • Learn about Social Bookmarking
  • social bookmarking guide
  • Complete guide for Social bookmarking

Long Anchors

Extension, given to partial-match anchor text. This gives more explanation or a hint to user about the detail of linked page in anchor text.

  • Social Bookmarking in important for SEO
  • How I used social bookmarking guide

Exact Match Anchors

Exact Match Anchors – King of all anchors

They have the power to increase your rankings, but also have the power to land you a penalty, if not used properly

Exact match anchor is exactly the same to your targeted keyword.


If my targeted keyword is “social bookmarking” and targeted URL is:

Now anchor text will be like this in exact match – Social Bookmarking


” If you think it informative, Please share for others, and let them learn about anchor text and types of Anchor Texts “

Himanshu Dixit
Himanshu Dixit
Founder | SearchEngineGuruji.

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