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We Welcome Every Soft Copy of your imaginations and Thoughts related to Digital Marketing



1. Content should be unique - not posted anywhere else before
2. Content should be readable enough, simple to read and understand.
3. No content out of the context will be appreciated.
4. Create your Author Bio at the last of the post. It should not be more than 100 words

1. Use proper Headings where needed
2. Do not use too many Headings
3. Use one image realated to your post, in the starting of your posting.Don't forget to give source, if you are using someone else image.
4. Try to give some screen shots or inner images to explain your content visually.

1. You will not get links of your desired count.
2. Insert one link in your Author Bio with proper Anchor text.
3. Do not prepare content jus to get a link. Prepare for users.
4. Link in Author Bio should be related to above-posted Content