Black Hat SEO - Complete Guide to Black Hat SEO Techniques and Tactics

Introduction to Black Hat SEO Techniques

Introduction to Black Hat SEO Techniques

Struggling a lot to get top ranks in Google? But how your competitors get top ranking in very less time. Are they doing the same, as you are?

If so why they are achieving top ranking at a fast rate, and you are lacking?

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat is so known just because it is known to be suspicious in Google’s eye. You are doing something that is violating Search Engines rules, just to get on top of Results. Any suspicious activity to boos t yourself or attack your competitors comes under Black Hat SEO techniques. These techniques may give you good results, but if not done properly directly lead to penalization.

I never recommend for such activities

Activities and Techniques covered in this Blog are as follows:


PBN Stands for Private Blogging Network. These are private blogging platforms that link to your money site. You can buy domains as much as you can to get link back from them. These are private entities owned by same individual.

If you need 50 links more, you can simply buy 50 new domains, then can link back your money site. You can use them for blog content posting with linking each time to your money site.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are very important in content. Google searches for asked keyword in your content. Keywords in your content makes it relevant for keyword or query asked in Search Engine.

Keyword Stuffing states to insert more and more keywords in content. Technique is to make your keyword long tail as well as LSI. With these you can insert your main keyword in content in other forms that are similar words or expanded forms. This increases number of time keyword in Content. This might result well, but excessive use can lead you to penalty.

Paid Links

Paid Links are links that you buy from other SEOs. You would have seen people offering Back links at a cost of $5 or $10. Get PR 6 Backlinks at $5. All these paid links for your site. You pay for these links. You don’t even know what type of link you are going to receive. They may be beneficial or can harm your ranking at a huge scale.

White Hat SEO: Preparing a content of such quality that it get linked by others. Good quality content attracts other to link it.

Grey Hat SEO: Exchanging link with link from others. If you have a website, and you want a link form other website, you can ask it for a link exchange. You can share links with each other, by giving it a link and getting a link from it.

Black Hat SEO: People offering links online, asking money for it. Paying money to them for links.

Purchasing Reviews

Good reviews of your product or service by customers makes trust on other customers. You need to have number of Good reviews on google+ page and other review websites.

How to get these reviews?

You can ask you existing customers to post reviews for your product or service you are offering. As all are lacking by time, you won’t get enough of them.

Can offer your service or product for less to get a review from user.

You can buy reviews online from review writers. These review writes are available at upwork, fiverr, etc.

Content Scrapping

Content is well known ranking factor. Content can boost your rankings at fast rate, until it is not duplicated. Content writing also needs good investment. Where to get content from?

Way Back Machine can be used to extract old used content from niche websites. This content can be used for creating link profile.

Check for content if it’s unique, it can be used easily for blogs and articles helping in creating link profile.

OG Data Hacking

Open Graph Data can used for Social Media Platforms. OG are Metas used mainly for Social Media websites. OG Metas help to set Meta Title and Meta Description specifically for Social Media websites. After implementing OG titles and description, copy the link of post on Facebook, you will see different tile form page title. This is the title you set in OG title for Facebook. You can also feature image for Facebook individually.

Blog Comment Spam

There are number of Free For All posts (FFA), where anyone can visit and comment with a link in comment. Link can be also set on name you enter. You name will appear to be anchor text for website you submitted. Therefore try to make your keyword as name of commenter.

How to find these FFA posts? Use any of the tools online like Ahref, semrush. I use Ahref for this, it provides all link details of any website you want. You can extract blog commenting links from your competitor’s link profile. Follow same list of blog commenting site and create links for free quickly.

It help in boosting your ranking, but if not done properly, can harm and lead to penalty.

Paid Indexing Sites

Indexing help your website, getting known by Search Engines. Unless search engines don’t know your website they will never show it in results. Knowing your website by Search Engine is Indexing. There are number of Search Engine across the Internet. More indexing, more reach, more reach more authentication. This lead to ranking boost. Get your website indexed in all search engines possible.

There are paid indexing websites offering service for indexing of websites in Several Search Engines.

Referral Spam

Increasing traffic to a website form different locations. How to reach these different Locations? It’s very easy to use an IP changer for example HMA. HMA is proxy changer for different IP address. Being at one location you can be at any place you wish dedicated IP of that location. HMA is paid.

Now you can visit websites more and more times form different locations again and again.


DDosing is something very harmful for websites. It’s a small script or a self-created bot that will make a plenty number of requests at a time. These plenty of requests to server can crash the website. If server at which website is hosted, is not able to hold multiple requests at a time, it will get crash.



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