Top 5 HTML Tags used in SEO. How to use HTML Tags in SEO?

Top 5 HTML Tags used in SEO

Top 5 HTML Tags used in SEO

We as a webmaster or an SEO most of the time forget about HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language). Many SEOs think it is quite difficult to understand what all these tags are for in HTML. They think they are far from all these tags of HTML. Some of them think it is a part of Development and is a concern for Web Developers and not for Digital Marketer.

What if some of the very important HTML tags are made so easy to understand and use, that you would love to learn more and more about them. Do not worry, in this post, I am going to explain and elaborate about important tags of HTML used in SEO.

1. Meta Title – HTML Tag used in SEO

We all are very much concerned for META Title of the Web Page, as it is an important factor for ranking in SEO. Yes, it is. We all put a great effort in creating a great quality, keyword rich, relevant to the page and unique Title for our Web Page. But how we do this? WordPress or some other CMS(Content Management System) users simply add a plugin which allows you to easily insert Meta Titles in Web Page. The concern is, if you are creating your own customized website, indulging with all HTML, CSS(Cascading Style Sheet), JS(JavaScript), then how to add Meta Title in your Web Page.

Now comes the <title> tag of HTML in SEO. <title> tag is an attribute of HTML Language used for mentioning Title of any Page.

Example : Title HTML tag used in SEO

<title>Search Engine Guruji: Everything about SEO(Search Engine Optimization)</title>

Must Know about Meta Titles:

Character limit for Meta Title is 65 Characters, it is good to use 65 characters as after 65 characters Google trims your Title but reads the whole title you write. As per predefined display length of Google’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page), only 65 characters are visible rest are trimmed by Google. Therefore it is recommended to use 65 characters in Meta Title

2. Meta Description – HTML Tag used in SEO

Second concern followed by Meta Title is Meta Description of Web Page. A description is an explanation to Meta Title with increased character limit compared to Meta Title. HTML Tag Meta Description is used in SEO to boost ranking in Search Engine. Meta Description also plays a very important role in Rankings.

Example : HTML Tag Meta Description in SEO

<meta name=”description” content=”Search Engine Optimization basics from Scratch. Latest SEO and core Digital Marketing Updates. Best Explanation of all your SEO problems. Get SEO Solutions”/>

Must Know about Meta Description:

Character limit for Meta Description is 160 Characters, it is good to use 160 characters as after 160 characters Google trims your Description by showing …….., but reads the whole description you write. As per predefined display length of Google’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page), only 160 characters are visible and rest are trimmed by Google. Therefore it is recommended to use 160 characters in Meta Description

3. H1 – HTML Tag used in SEO

H1 stands for Heading. The headings are of 6 types in HTML. These 6 headings are given tag name as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, their font size decreases from H1 to H6. The biggest heading is H1 and the smallest heading is H6. H1 tag used in SEO has its own importance. H1 is the most important Heading Tag used in SEO. Search Engine gives preference to such Headings, i.e. important words assembled in a Heading form. As a heading is something different from other normal text. This something different property gives an extra signal to Search Engine to show its major importance in between other text of Web Page.

Example : H1 Tag used in SEO

<h1> My First Blog Post </h1>

Must Know about Heading Tags :

Actual font sizes in pixel for these 6 heading are as follows:

  • H1=36px,
  • H2=24px,
  • H3=21px,
  • H4=18px,
  • H5=16px,
  • H6=14px

4. Strong / Bold – HTML Tag used in SEO

We many times bold some text in our Web Content to highlight it. Both the <b> and <strong> tags of HTML are used to make text thicker.

Must know about bold and strong tags:

“Now the question is which HTML tag to use for SEO purpose – <b> or <strong>?” Confused????

Let me clear,

what <b> does is makes an extra boundary of color around the character to make it darker and highlighted from others. Nothing more than, increasing a boundary.

Whereas <strong> focuses and makes an importance on particular to indicate that, this word has some greater value and need to be focused more than other normal texted words in a line or sentence. <strong> tag used in SEO gives a signal to Search Engine about its more importance in a sentence.

Now I think you are pretty sure and clear about which tag to use <b> or <strong>

5. Link – HTML Tag used in SEO

Hmmm something interesting here…!! Backlinks

We all want good quality backlinks for other website pointing to our money Website. While posting some content, we always try to insert a link of our money website somewhere if possible. The best way possible is to make an anchor text with a hyperlink to our money website.

How to do it with HTML tags used in SEO??

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”” target=”_blank”> Best SEO Blogs to Read</a>

Must know about <a> tag attributes used in SEO

In above example

A – a HTML tag for creating a link property.

Href – hypertext reference to

Rel – defining relation to hyperlink created

Nofollow– attribute used to define a link property which prevents the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or link from giving any value to targeted hyperlink.

If I am using this code on WordPress or Blogger a blogging platform, then blogger or WordPress is blocking me to get its domain’s value or importance to my If nofollow tag is not used then it is by default a dofollow which says that now WordPress and blogger will pass all their link juice (value, importance) to


I know all SEOs and webmaster are at least familiar with these 5 HTML tags used in SEO and are very important to consider.

Hope this post helped you know about some common and important HTML tags used in SEO.

If it was helpful, please share it with others and help them spreading knowledge. If you have any suggestion or complaints feel free to comment below…!

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