Wrong Page Ranking for an Important Keyword? Follow these 4 Steps

Wrong Page Ranking for an Important Keyword? Fix Now

Wrong Page Ranking for an Important Keyword? Fix Now

You have a website with plenty of pages. Most of the SEOs face this problem. Problem is, You target a page (A) for keyword ‘a’. While searching for keyword ‘a’ page appears in search results is not A-targeted one, rather a page AA is ranking for keyword ‘a’, which you are not targeting.

For example, for one of my website, keyword is ‘MATLAB Soutions’ targeted page was their Home page, but some other page was ranking for this keyword.

How I did, and How you can overcome this?

Read below, complete procedure in detail.

At very first what you need to do is, get complete detail about your search queries report from Google webmaster tool or search console. This report will let you know which are the top keywords sending you best amount of traffic. Which keywords or can say queries are transferring traffic to which of your URLs.

Side Effects of Ranking a Wrong Page

There is no benefit of getting a page ranking for Halong Bay Cruise that is a blog explaining about the beauty of Halong Bay rather than offering the cruise tour packs.

Search intent of user for keyword Halong Bay Cruise is to get info about cruises in Halong Bay for cruise tour, what are the best prices and offers, different packages like cabin, luxury cabin or whatever. None of user is intended to study a blog to know about Halong Bay.

If a user is searching for Halong Bay Cruise, this pretends that he already knows what is Halong Bay, now he wants a cruise tour in Halong Bay.

Now if your blog page is ranking for this user intent it will loose all the Click Through Rate, as it is not satisfying the user intent. May be after clicking the link of blog, user gets direction for cruises in Halong Bay, but the ranking page is not the exact one.

What to do when a Wrong Page Ranks?

When a wrong page ranks, follow these 4 steps to get it done correctly. Ge your targeted web page ranked for your targeted keyword by following these simple 4 steps.


Search Analysis

Search a query with “site:domain.com keyword”. This will tell you that whether any page for that keyword exists in your website or not.

If not so, don’t wait for anything, talk to your SEO team to create a page for that keyword specifically targeted for this keyword.

Check for the pages’ on page status. May be the relevant page or the targeted page is blocked by robots.txt. Check for the indexing, crawling errors of the page or linking issues. There may be many of the on page issues that are not allowing the targeted page to get ranked for that keyword.

There may be chances that targeted page is not so well optimized for that keyword. There may be content issue. May the content is not relevant for keyword, or less content, not according to user intent.

There may be chances that external websites have linked to this page with this keyword, just because of which, even you are not targeting it for this keyword, it gets ranked.


If you have already that page, to be targeted for that keyword, here are some steps and strategies that you need to follow

Content Optimisation

Optimise the content of the page. Content should of best quality. It should include and focus on user intent. Include similar keywords and words that are relate to your targeted keyword. Focus on user intent, what user wants to see on the page.

Get detailed On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques

Internal Link Signals

After optimising content of the targeted web page, now comes the internal linking of the page. Check for the internal links of the page, how it is been linked by other inner pages of the website. Correct and relevant pages are linking to this page. Correct anchor text are targeted while linking to this page.

User and User Related Data

Focus on user niched data to be presented on web page, for making user comfortable. This makes a belief to user that he is on right page, for what he was searching for. This may include an infographic, offer banner, any sample video or something interactive and engaging.

External Linking

It also matters a lot that how other website are lining to your page. If your page is about Halong Bay cruise tour and external websites link to this page as Halong Bay Cruise , then it obvious that it is more relevant for the keyword Halong Bay Cruise rather than Halong Bay Cruise Tour


Degrading seo metrics of wrong page

Content Degradation

The wrong page which is ranking for targeted keyword can be degraded with keywords in it. Remove the keywords that are not relevant for that page. Like if a page is of Halong Bay Cruise, then number of keywords Halong Bay cruise tour can be decreased as it is targeted for Halong Bay Cruise Tour page.

Internal linking degradation

If the page is linked with the targeted page, internal links can be removed from other pages for this page. There is no way to link Halong Bay Cruise page with anchor text of Halong Bay Cruise tour from other inner pages.

External Links Degradation

Check for the external links pointing to your wrong ranking page. Ask the websites which are linking to wrong page to correct their linking, or link to correct page, or link to this page with correct anchor texts.


301 Page redirection

Last option you can go for is page redirection. This enables you to redirect the wrong page to the targeted page. By doing this, wrong page with a change in title and description gets CTR, following the redirection to the targeted page by clicking on it. Always keep in mind to do 301 Redirection, as it will pass all the valuable external links to your new redirected page.

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